How to find trustworthy real estate agents

MANILA, Philippines – A trustworthy real estate agent can help you successfully find and own your dream home. He or she can guide you through the process and share insights as you make decisions.

But believe it or not, there are a lot of property salespersons in the market who are fraudulent or albeit legitimate, they may be unethical. They can wreak havoc on your entire home purchase journey.

Since a home is a precious investment, you would want to make sure that you work only with a credible, reliable and professional real estate agent. Here’s how you can find one:

1. Ask for referrals.

Real estate agents won’t get recommended unless they’ve had a good working relationship with their referrers. So, ask your friends or loved ones if they can recommend a good agent whom they have already worked with.

But remember that just because an agent is recommended to you does not mean he or she is definitely a trustworthy one. Consider doing a background check as well.

2. Look for accredited agents.

The Real Estate Service Act or Republic Act No. 9646 requires real estate agents or salespersons to be registered under the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). The PRC issues an ID to an accredited agent.

To verify a real estate salesperson’s legitimacy, you can politely ask for his or her updated PRC-issued ID. Keep in mind that they ought to renew the ID every year so, make sure that what he or she will show you is a valid one.

3. Evaluate the experience.

While you can look up a real estate agent online, you won’t still get the whole story about his or her experience in selling homes. You won’t also fully know whether you can really rely on an agent unless you conduct an interview.

The interview can just be a casual chat where you can ask about the types of homes he or she has already sold. What kind of buyers does he or she often work with? How many years has he or she been in the business of selling homes? What are the trainings attended?

Case in point: Real estate agents from Deca Homes are trained to understand their buyers’ needs and background. According to CEO JJ Atencio, they want their agents to be able to give sound recommendations that actually help buyers, not just sell. With such training, agents can avoid giving out-of-place suggestions which can show that they’re not after their buyer’s best interest.

4. Trust your gut feeling.

They say first impression lasts. And it’s quite true when working with real estate agents. If you’re not comfortable in your first few meetings with an agent, you may take that as a sign that he or she might not be the one you can trust.

A trustworthy real estate agent is someone who’s ethical, knows well the community where he or she is selling, assists you in getting the information you need, and listens well.

Many liken the buyer-agent relationship to a romantic one: Picking the right person is important. Compatibility is a huge factor in keeping the relationship. And communication plays an important role.

You see, you can’t just trust any real estate salesperson who approaches in shopping centers. Even though they represent a well-known developer, you still need to be careful and assess them just like how it was discussed above.



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