Why I love Lahug

I’ve been to many places in the Philippines and I’ve lived in different cities in the Philippines but there’s something very particular about Brgy. Lahug that keeps drawing me back to its bosom.

Probably it’s because of its perfect balance of comfort and bustle, treading the fine line of provincial life and city life.


Or the scene of every day Cebuanos hustling to get to work, shoulder-to-shoulder against each other on their commute, dreading and enjoying every minute of it.


It’s unclear, really.

You know, I fell in love with the serenity and innocence of Iligan City. I jammed to the beat  of the up and coming life of Cagayan de Oro City. I welcomed the warmth of Zamboanga City. I met with utter excitement Tacloban City.

There are many reasons why you stay in the place you wanted to stay. For me, I love living in Lahug for one reason: contentment.

And in Mivesa Garden Residences, everything you need is just a walk away.

Whether you’re looking for a place to eat, to shop, to jog, or to just walk around the area safely, Lahug is the place to be.


For inquiries, reservations, and site visits, contact:
+639052060292 (Globe/Viber/Whatsapp)
+639332990086 (Sun)
Skype ID: johneldz
WeChat ID: johneldz18


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