3 pieces of advice from the elderly that we should all take

MANILA, Philippines – We always look up to our elders such as our bosses, parents and grandparents for advice, because they are the ones who have truly “been there and done that.” And what we always get in return are guaranteed experience-filled wisdom and love.

We can all draw inspiration and lessons from what they have learned from their experiences. Here are at least three pieces of advice from our beloved elders that we should all take:

Celebrate and take care of your health

young girl doing yoga

Young people tend to have few health concerns because their bodies can naturally adapt to various changes in its surroundings more quickly.

But according to science, metabolism slows down and muscle work feels more lethargic as time goes by. Moreover, the effects—good or bad—of the diet we’re keeping while we’re young could manifest over time. For example, a cholesterol-filled diet may cause high blood pressure and related illnesses, and sugar-heavy diet could lead to diabetes.

However, if we make constant effort to watch what we eat and keep a balanced diet, as well as do regular exercise, our bodies will thank us later in life. It would be great to feel like a 20-something when we’re already in our 40s, wouldn’t it?

Take care of your finances

financial responsibility

Young people have a lot of opportunities for career growth set before them. Because of this, the perfect time to earn money is when we’re still young.

It’s wise not to spend a lot of our income on wants such as gadgets, clothing, travel and the like. While there’s nothing wrong with these spends, we still need to save money and make an investment to grow a fortune in five, 10 or 15 years.

It’s only a matter of where to invest! It can be through mutual funds, stocks or real estate. This way, we can enjoy the present while wisely preparing for the future.

Take care of your family

family time

Some young people tend to be preoccupied with the YOLO or you-only-live-once attitude. They’re too busy with mundane things, forgetting familial responsibilities in effect. For example, a common thing that can be observed among students these days is not replying to their parents’ text message when the latter check up on them.

Taking care of our families doesn’t require grand efforts. We just need to find time to be there with them for, say, dinnertime.  While we are young, creating more memories with your family will convert it to a long-term inspiration bank.

We know that a lot of our elders reveal that one of their regrets was they were not able to spend more time with their families when they were younger. So, don’t make the same mistake.

Good thing there are some things we can do in our youth that can greatly help us fulfill our goal of following these three pieces of advice.

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Source: http://www.philstar.com/health-and-family/2016/10/07/1627958/3-pieces-advice-elderly-we-should-all-take


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