7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Cebu

Posted: May 20,2015


The Philippines has scored good investment ratings from reputable agencies (Fitch Ratings) worldwide recently. Philippines now ranks at 9 in Top 100 Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate. Many investors have looked into a potent a place in the Philippines, outside Manila. Cebu is considered an excellent place to pour in their investments.

Here are the 7 main  reasons why you have to INVEST IN CEBU? 

1. It is the gateway of Central and Southern Philippines. Cebu is the most accessible place with more domestic air and sea linkages than Manila. It has international airport, which is second to Manila in domestic and international traffic influx and outbound. Cebu’s gateway to trading is apparent in its international seaport.

2. Growth of BDO and Export Industry. Cebu has one of the most productive labor forces in the country. It is ranked 8th in Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations in the world.  Its excellent economic track record Gross Regional Product GRP 9-12% annually.

3. Booming Tourism. Cebu has been attracting expats/foreign executives, regular tourist, foreign  spouses and foreign retirees. Cebu has a GOOD CLIMATE always appreciated by foreigners. Its expanding  tourism gateway, the Mactan Cebu International Airport, caters to more direct international flights.  The amalgamation of the urban centres with the beach and the mountain areas makes Cebu an attractive destination, not only for commercial purpose, but also for recreational activities.

4. Cebu has a vibrant cosmopolitan with all the support facilities and amenities needed for an ideal lifestyle.

5. Home of Quality Education. Many universities and other educational institutions in Cebu are among the best in the Philippines. University of San Carlos is regarded as the oldest university in the Visayas while University of the Philippines has a big campus near the heart of Cebu City.

6. Cebu’s business districts hold international and local companies and institutions.  Aside from the Economic Processing Zones in Mactan and Danao City, Cebu has business districts in Cebu City and Mandaue City that hold financial, BPO and retail companies.  The expansion of business districts in Cebu is the factor in the increasing visibility of tall structures in Cebu’s skyline.

7. Growing population. The current population of Cebu is at 5.1M and still growing. 60% of this population numbers are still renting.



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